Wednesday, May 19, 2010

2010 S&BCC Club Championship in Pictures

Last Tuesday Alan Hayward became the 2010 Streatham & Brixton Chess Club Champion following up on his victory in January's mid-season rapdiplay. Today Angus supplies some photos.

The tournament hall

Gary v Barry

Thiery v Jose

See the phone? Thiery was playing on behalf of his son Hector who was detained elsewhere.
We don't have any photos of Hector in action but I imagine it looked something like my friend and fellow blogger Morgan does here ...

... except Hector would have had a chess set and not a mug
(and been on a geography field trip and not in a phone box)

Alan receives the trophy from tournament organiser - and 2009 champion - Angus French

Group Photos

Morgan re-enacts your author's journey home from the tournament

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Anonymous said...

Err, I think Ash's response (in the first two group photos) to Morgan's t-shirt is very touching!

Did someone say "cheese"?