Saturday, May 08, 2010

Peter Lalic on the World Championship II

Before we start some announcements ...

First, the scores on the doors at the halfway stage of the 2010 Streatham & Brixton Chess Club Championship

3.0 - Alan H, James M

2.5 - Robin H

2.0 – Tom C, Morgan D, Jan K, David V, Chris M

1.5 – Hector H, Gary S

1.0 – Jonathan B, Ash K, Jose D, Thierry H

0.5 – Angus F, Barry B, Sam E

0.0 – Marc P

With Alan and James out in front and Robin Hacker Haldane in hot pursuit there's still everything to play for. The winner will be announced around about 10pm this Tuesday evening.

Secondly, we've received an email from Richard Tillett this Monday's Trost Trophy - an event run by the Croydon Chess League:-

For many years the Croydon League has held an annual lightning tournament. This year we’ve changed the format to five minute handicap blitz. So that players of all strengths a chance of winning, higher rated players will have less time on their clocks. For instance, where a player rated 100 is drawn against one rated 160, the weaker player will have seven minutes and the stronger player three minutes to complete all their moves.

The winner takes home £50. There are prizes for the second and third placed players and there’s also a grading prize. Entry costs just £2.

The fun starts at 7:45 pm on Monday 10th May. There are further details on the Croydon League website.

... and finally we get to Peter Lalic's World Championship videos. You can find Peter's thoughts on games 1 to 5 here. Today we have 6 to 10 - thanks for the vids Peter.

Game 6:

Game 7:

Game 8:

Game 9:

Game 10:


Anonymous said...

I have a chess blog for local results (nothing on your scale of things). I seem to struggle with tables and results, as spaces get removed and it looks a right mess.
I have a google blog similar style to yours.
As you guys have the best chess blog site in the country, was hoping you might give me a tip on doing tables. How to get the columns straight?
Sorry if this is a bit cheeky to ask.

Tom Chivers said...

I'm not sure. I'd try getting it right in a google doc, and then copy and pasting it over. You should let us know your url!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your help, but seems I can no longer log into my blog. :-(