Monday, May 31, 2010

Never Judge

If this bank holiday Monday you find yourself idly googling the phrase "the sweaty glamour of disco", you'll soon find out what I consider to be The Best Chess Book Cover Of All Time. But now I've found a runner up. I think I can imagine how it came into being, too.

First, picture a game being played in the heart of a giant, industrial machine. Then, picture the pieces coming to life, and arming themselves with lasers. Finally, add the dirty dystopian texture of Total Recall, and voila. You have the brilliant cover of A Killer Chess Opening Repertoire's new updated edition by Aaron Summerscale and Sverre Johnsen:

Can you believe that the "killer" opening that inspired this cover seems to be the Colle?

1 comment:

Jonathan B said...

The machine at the back there makes me think of Metropolis more than Total Recall