Wednesday, February 02, 2011


Remember the bit of interweb funny on the right, featured here a year and a half ago? Turns out failblog from whence that came is part of the cheezburger network, an empire of pointless websites that has expanded rapidly in the last eighteen months.

And why I am I telling you this? Why, there be golden nuggets of chess that gleam in them there bilge waters, and if you don't have the time or inclination to prospect for them yourself - then take a peek after the jump.

First up from Wedinator:

When mass weddings go wrong: one of the grooms brings a chess set. And by wrong, I mean right.

And from ihasaHOTDOG,

proof that dog lovers don't write as good captions as cat lovers.

Unsuccessful DIY? (There's another kind?)  See There, I Fixed It:

Not sure they've quite got the gist of algebraic notation.

Hopefully visible whilst the owner is playing:

an ugly tattoo.

Note: we had another Tuesday bonus post this week, click here if you missed it!

PS. Thanks to my wife the photographer Sarah Condry for the tip, who has asked me to make clear she took none of the above!


Jonathan B said...

Judging from the bishop/knight/king/queen that dog doesn't know shit about chess.

I reckon I could take him.

Tom Chivers said...

He's good at king walks though.

*waits for groans*

Mark Weeks said...

The dog is tired (dog-tired?) of studying theory. He's playing chess960. - Mark