Friday, March 04, 2011

An Invitation To Benasque 2011

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It's time for my annual invitation to play chess in the Spanish Pyrenees, at one of the strongest open tournaments in Spain.

Benasque, as it will not look in July

The tournament takes place from 7 to 16 July: entry will cost you 40€ (free to players with Elo above 2350, conditions available for titled players). For more information, the tournament page is here: click on FOLLETO OPEN 2011 (or here) for the tournament information leaflet.

That's more like it

The tournament takes place in the building at the bottom of the photo above. I look forward to seeing some of you there.

[Benasque in summer photo: University of Leeds, Quantum Information]


Anonymous said...

The English version of the entry conditions reads as if it's been translated by Google. But never mind that, nowhere does the entry form state the default time. Some of us who have a choice will boycott events with zero default time.

ejh said...

Do I take it then that you'll be playing if there's not a zero default time?

Anonymous said...

So what are the default times in Spanish tournaments?

Decisions about tournaments a long way away are always conditional depending on time, travel, accommodation, cost etc.

The presence of zero default is a useful filter to eliminate organisers and events that have a bad attitude towards players.

It's an open market, there are numerous summer European tournaments of varying degrees of attractiveness to UK based players.

ejh said...

So what are the default times in Spanish tournaments?

In general, I have no idea. Perhaps it would be best to contact the organisers of given tournaments to ask them?

Jack Rudd said...

I won't be playing, because it clashes with the South Wales International, for which I do the game-inputting.

(The South Wales International, for those who are interested, does not have a zero default time.)

ejh said...

That's a shame Jack. I once nearly played the South Wales International myself, but when I got there the state of the accommodation (and my health, to be honest) was so dreadful that I left before the first round started.