Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Rounded with a sleep

Like most patzers suffering yet another slump in form, I dream of quick fixes, of slaying Masters with off-beat openings, oh so cunning psychological ploys, and strategical simplicities.

In this latest slump, I mean the word dream quite literally however. I woke up this morning with the sequence 1. g3 d5 2. Bg2 Bf5 3. c4 e6 4. Nc3 d4 5. Bxb7 dxc3 6. Bxa8 marching through my mind like a victorious army, fanfares streaming, trumpets blaring, the final position held aloft on fluttering banners, my kingly emerging consciousness reveling in imaginary victory.

But it turns out that even when I play against myself, I pick the losing side. Take a quick snooze, and see if you can fail to wake up fully aware of what I had missed. No luck? Try instead using your conscious mind to see why white loses - it should take about two seconds. Still no idea? Then set up a board, play through the sequence, and see for yourself. (Wait: still shrugging your shoulders? We should play.)

Solution after the jump.


 A pretty way, at least, to lose your Queen.


Unknown said...

You must have been thinking or dreaming of the Feller cheating case, which has brought fame to the square ......

Jonathan B said...

Monday night I dreamed I was playing right wing for England up against Alberto Tarantini. It did not go well.

Anonymous said...

Why dream about silly chess positions when you could be dreaming about Sophie Aldred?