Monday, August 06, 2012


Makepeace - Brcar, Pardubice 2012

So, Neo, you're in my opponent's head. You're going to spend 25 minutes working out how to respond to 35. f5+. There are many things to consider, not least our little friend Tinie Tempo.

It's up to you.

35... exf5+

35... Kf7

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Tom Chivers said...

I guess blue.

PJM said...

Got any lines of analysis to support that?

Tom Chivers said...

Analysis? Sounds familiar. I dunno. I have a hunch h5-h4 is going to work if I time it right.

Anonymous said...

White seems to have more moves if it comes down to a Zugswang. If it's possible for Black to draw, there's got to be some deep resource. Alternatively Black is just looking for cheapo chances. I would be inclined to prefer g6xf5, which White presumably meets with Kf4. After that I would want to reach a position with the Black King on f7, the White King on f5 and White to move. I don't know that it's possible.
I would however note that if the White King trundled off to the Queen side, that the trick of playing h5-h4 would make the f pawn(s) dangerous.

Anonymous said...

Hey Phil,

Isn't this red pill or red pill?
1...exf5+ 2.Kf4 b5 3.cxb5 axb5 and black will be in zugzwang, having to give up f5 and then losing against the outside passed h pawn

1...Kf7 2.fxe6+ Kxe6 3.a4 and again black runs out of moves first and white wins using the same method...

If there's a draw somewhere I can't see it! Practically I'd probably go for 1...Kf7 as it seems to give white a bit more scope to go wrong.

Joel B

PJM said...

The concept of BORP? - as I understand it - has nothing to do with good vs bad; it's merely an issue of taste. In The Matrix, we now know that Neo was fated to take the red pill. Be thankful that you have a choice. Or do you?

Joel's last sentence is particularly astute.

ejh said...

We only know that about The Matrix if we were able to sit through more than the first half-hour.