Friday, September 07, 2012

The Worst Move On The Board XIII : Olympiad special

Emi Hasegawa v Fong Mi Yen, Women's Olympiad, round two. Position after 15...Qe7-h4.

It's board three in the Japan v Malaysia match. It's the Olympiad. It's all about finding moves.

There's one move here that's worse than all the others. And Hasegawa found it.

[I borrowed this off the daily Chess Today newsletter, issue 4317]
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Tom Chivers said...

Oh dear.

Anonymous said...

On the contrary, assuming it's f2-f3, I would say that it is the best move on the board, all things considered. How did white manage to lose her b-pawn?


Anonymous said...

To be fair, he did anticipate something going to g3, when he would play h3 to halt the attack. It's not his fault his opponent moved something else there.

David R said...

Try looking at Akopian-Meier (Rd 9 I think). Another f3-square loser. And no zeitnot. Good for another example, if nothing else. And a GM too

ejh said...

Yes, I saw that one. But I don't think it's clearly the worst move on the board (44...Qxc5 or 44...e3). Quite a mistake though, and one that might still give Armenia the gold.

Richard - I think one of the players must have knocked the b-pawn off the board in their excitement. I have put it back.

ejh said...

Of course 44...Qd8 might be worst of all.

Anonymous - not "he". She.