Wednesday, February 06, 2013

A Trivial Interlude

I'm feeling uninspired. Proper chess can go hang for a week or so. Not that I regularly dish that out either.

Anyway, instead, I'm going to open up a little competition to the masses and see which of you fine folk can make me smile.


You have a pool of 199 players to choose from; the top 100 women and the top 99 men (Judit is in both lists).

You have until 2100 GMT on Tuesday February 12 to submit anagrams of our heroes, the sillier the better. I'll do a Lyttle Lytton-esque rundown of the best in my next column. 

Now then. Go away. Impress me. 



Matt Fletcher said...

A few from the top 12 men -
Danish Navy
Abortive Arm Judo / Vibrate Jam Odour
Penis Valve Tool
Lurking Sex Charade
Surname Clangs
Remove Lexicon Hazard / Vexed Caramel Horizon
Jerky King Areas
Earl van Onion

Matt Fletcher said...

A couple more of the top men:
Ominous Larva Porn
Idle Perverts

And some of the top women:
Tripodal Jug
Nonsexual Karate Kid
Analog anti-piano
Italic Jerky Vomit
Tanker Analogy

Also "The Kosintseva Sisters" = "She sinks to travesties"

And Pia Cramling = Malign Pirc (or Cranial Gimp / Alarming Pic / Cigar in Palm)

Anonymous said...

As with chess databases, it is possible to cheat using anagram servers.

Luke (ignoring the J) comes out as "Make Lunches". A future career as an arbiter or Times chess correspondent perhaps.


Anonymous said...

Taking one from each list, Short and Paehtz gives;

apt dozenth rash.


Tom Chivers said...

Jaw Go Insane - aka your housemate, Keep A Hip Camel.

Matt Fletcher said...

@Tom Chivers - or even A Neon Jigsaw?

PS Pia Cramling = A Malign Pirc obviously... (needs another "a")

Anonymous said...

Cathy Forbes (where is she now)was doing these before you were even born Phil e.g. Ian Thomas (who) = I shot a man.

ejh said...

Ian Thomas

Anonymous said...

Clicking that link reminds me ejh -did you ever find out if the two Paul Sanders were one and the same?

ejh said...

Afraid not!