Friday, August 01, 2014

Without actually looking at the score

Yanofsky-Keene, Nice Olympiad 1974, position after 48. Qc3

Keene and Levy, Chess Olympiad Nice 1974 (Batsford, 1975)

We trust all journalists covering the Olympiad will take the advice of their eminent colleague.

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Unknown said...

The scan also shows the game Donnelly (Rhodesia) vs. Hartston (England). I wonder: might Hartston's opponent have been Brian Donnelly, now of Sussex and scourge of Horsham hairdressers?

Anonymous said...

I believe so, Brian certainly played in at least one Olympiad. I recall him saying he either drew with or beat Mariotti at an Olympiad, and 1974 was the tournament at which Mariotti became a GM.