Wednesday, November 19, 2014

600 million again

Guess what Leontxo reckons? Or at least, what he reckoned on Saturday.

Yes, it's that 600 million figure again!

In English:
According to polls, around six hundred million people in the world play chess.
The polls, of course, don't say any such thing. I know this because I asked the pollsters.

Also because it's an obviously ridiculous claim. But mainly because I asked the pollsters.

Anyway, on Sunday, after letting Leontxo know...

...I received a kind reply...

...but while it's very good of him to say so, wouldn't it be better to do the research first, before repeating any old manifestly-dubious statistic that looks like it might be good propaganda for chess?

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AngusF said...

Norwegian chess journalist Tarjei J. Svensen tweets this afternoon:
The Norwegian #CarlsenAnand coverage on NRK followed by 846,000 viewers daily. Average: 194K. Max: 248K #nrksjakk (via @KrisTolo)