Friday, November 14, 2014

Pro choice

This is Houdini 4 PRO.

It is, apparently, "the world's strongest chess engine running on the ChessBase Interface".

This is how it is referred to by Nigel Short.

Nigel Short is 49.

[Thanks to Pablo Byrne]
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Nigel Short said...

Or perhaps you are just a malicious, obsessive, humourless git.

Jon said...

No, no; he's right Nigel.

Anonymous said...

"Or"? I'm going with you being 49.

rjf said...

'Humourless' would suggest that 'Houdini 4 Prostitute' was actually hilarious - and SHAME on those that don't appreciate the humour! Boring gits.

Nigel Short is 49.

Anonymous said...

I always consider twitter to be something of a toilet wall; I daresay the back of the school jotter might be more accurate. The wordplay there is what would have been dubbed Sad when I was at school. More interesting is the reference to having a good lunch.

--the blue weasel

Nigel Short said...

How very brave to be rude when hiding behind anonymity.

Phil said...

I am finding these character assassinations rather tiresome.

Let's summarise your conclusions so far:

1. Ray Keene does not like to do his own analysis.
2. Nigel Short sometimes says unpleasant things.
3. Dominic Lawson is not a perfect human being.

All the above are probably true so why don't we move on?

Personally I find Nigel Short entertaining. I do not agree with all his opinions but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate his humour.

It is easy to pick fights and make enemies. It is much harder to work with people you don't really like and try to improve the situation (a bit like what Nigel is doing at FIDE.)

Joking about prostitutes may be immature but so is pointless criticism. I actually found his tweet funny and I don't think any prostitutes were offended.

You obviously love chess so why not focus on saying or doing something positive about it rather than all this anally-retentive nitpicking?

ejh said...

Hi Phil. I propose to "move on" at the point where the things with which I take issue are actually dealt with. Otherwise they'll continue to be ignored, won't they?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone considered this may have
been a "Death by Autocorrect"?