Saturday, July 25, 2015

Daddendum 3

Couldn't resist running with this. 

Last Tuesday, in his comment on Daddendum 2 (which was a postscript to Daddendum the Friday before - itself a late addition to the Asylum series), Matt Fletcher wondered whether The Child in Dadd's painting looked like Russian Ukrainian (oops; my unfortunate error; sorry - see comments) GM Ruslan Ponomariov. 


That was after Mr Hogg reckoned that The Governess (for want of a better moniker) had something of the Karpov about him/her. 

 The Governess in 1857                           The Karpov in 1974

And who am I to disagree.


JBH said...

Pono is from Ukraine, not Russia

Matt Fletcher said...

Sorry Martin, I followed through the "Russian" point in my comment from Mr Hogg's - my fault for causing the confusion.

Martin Smith said...

No probs Matt. It's a striking similarity whatever Pono's nationality.