Thursday, December 13, 2007

"The best game I've ever played"

- that's how Streatham & Brixton Chess Club's Alan Hayward described his win on Tuesday night in the Surrey League against Coulsdon's Marcus Osborne. And so here at the blog, we're very happy to present the sacrificial slugfest in question:

Alan also kindly provided some notes, writing of 8...Bxc3+ that Marcus "is Graded 18 points higher than me and when he gave up his fianchettoed bishop, I thought I've got a chance of winning today", and after 14...Nxe5: "There always seems to be a little bit of luck in a lot of games I win and I thought I had a good game sacrificing a Pawn , but after 15 Bf4 nxc4 I did not realise I would be 2 Pawns down"!

Which makes me wonder. What's the best game you've ever played? (And would you like to see it published on the blog?)


Anonymous said...

Nice one Alan.

Anonymous said...

Top that Hacker Haldane!

I liked the zwischenzugs.

Marcus was 197 last year and is usually around 190.


Anonymous said...

I've alwaya wanted to be good at Zwischenzugs . I hope other club members send the moves of their Best Game to Tom for the Blog

Anonymous said...

Be6 looks wrong! he was probably greedy on pawns!


Anonymous said...

17 Rxd8+! and 18 Rd1+! Wow, that's the right idea.

Unfortunately, 19 Bf3? squanders it all--Black is better, with 18...e5. Which he played. Ouch. 19 Qd3 had been a stone cold win.

It was 20...exf4? that put White bad on top (20...Bd5!).

Surely not 28 Qxc4? but 28 Qxf4+ (and Black resigns).