Sunday, April 06, 2008

72 again

A couple of weeks ago I was worried that I was running out of decent chess videos to use on Sundays. Fortunately, a rummage down the back of the sofa produced today's links.

Normally I prefer to use embedded videos but am willing to make an exception if it's worth it. Dr. Who, for example, was always going to make the cut regardless of the format and this time around we have a really good documentary on Fischer - Spassky, 1972. It's obviously a few years old (Fischer is reported to be living in Hungary) and you might not learn anything you didn't already know but there's some incredible archive and some people who were around at the time, Spassky, Krogius, Baturinsky and others, telling it how it was.

The first part is about five minutes long, the other three around ten minutes each.

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ejh said...

Saw the heading, thought "it's a bit early for the new grading list, isn't it?"