Sunday, April 05, 2009

Definitely Got Something To Do With Chess And Definitely Rubbish

A series of bizarre, ritualistic murders lock a master chess player and a beautiful psychologist in a deadly game of deception, seduction and betrayal in Knight Moves. When a shocking murder rocks an international seaside resort, all evidence points to arrogant, visiting chess master Peter Sanderson ....

Or so it says here.

I may have been judging a book by its cover before but on this one I can speak with some authority. I saw this film at a drive-in cinema in Perth, Australia, on New Year's Eve 1992. Double bill with Single White Female if I recall correctly.


Morgan Daniels said...

Oh jeez, a horrible film. This was shown on Channel 5 a few years ago and I excitedly insisted upon recording it and watching it the next day. Shit idea that was.

'I used a variation...'

an ordinary chessplayer said...

Check out "Night Moves" (1975) then. It's well regarded and something to do with chess.