Saturday, April 11, 2009

Places to go

Amsterdam. "The city of canals and the city of Anne Frank".

Or so say the Chess Vibers but you know it for that other stuff don't you? Yes you do, you bloody liar.

Anyhoo, now there's another reason to go.

The S&BC blog will be taking the day off tomorrow. We're going to be rather busy you see - one of us will be stuffing our face with easter eggs, one of us will be stuffing our face with drugs, one of us will be scraping baby poo out of his hair and one of us will be travelling abroad (which curiously enough means being in England). I'll leave you to work out which is which.

Happy Easter all.


Morgan Daniels said...

Oh, the abuse I get.

Martin Smith said...

As the bloggers have gone off for a well-earned (?) rest perhaps we commentators will have to make our own on-blog entertainment.

Here's an observation I'll cast on the waters in case someone bites: son Peter of blogmeister Tom has just arrived; S&BCC 3rd team captain Chris M has imminent twins; 1st team top-boarder John C is expecting to become a father this week. So, leaving aside off-colour jokes about taking part in summer Congress, is not playing chess good for the hormones?

Straw poll anyone?

ejh said...

Well, actually I'm back (thought the car isn't, having refused to start at Zaragoza Airport) so I may yet be able to provide us with something for tomorrow...