Saturday, November 28, 2009

Middle game

A short quiz for you this Saturday on the theme of middle names:
  1. Which British International Master has the middle name Roland?
  2. Which British Grandmaster has the middle name Curtis?
  3. Which British Grandmaster has the first name Harold, but uses his middle name instead?


Anonymous said...

1. Bill Hartston
2. No idea
3. James Plaskett

Superchess said...

1. Hartston
2. Glenn Flear
3. Lucky Jim

Anonymous said...

Gawain Jones has middle initial C, but is that for Curtis?

Jack Rudd said...

The only British grandmaster I know to have the middle initial C is Keith Arkell, so I'll guess him for question 2.

Anonymous said...

2. Glenn Flear


Comment Moderator said...

I was going to guess Gawain Jones for number 2 as well but Glenn Flear has already got votes so presumably it's him.

- JB

ejh said...

Indeed it is.