Wednesday, May 12, 2010

This is the end

Thanks to Anand and Topalov for the very nice match
Alexandra Kosteniuk on ChessBomb/Chessdom

Well that's putting it somewhat mildly; it was an incredible match. Of course now it's all over it's time for Anand and Topalov to engage in a post-mortem. Something like this perhaps:-


Anonymous said...

Was expecting something politics related, given the title :-)

Maybe it *is* the end though - for Topa's serious pretensions as a World Title challenger??

Jonathan B said...

It was a double entendre :-)

Adios Topsy and Broon.

I feel sorry for Topalov.

Anonymous said...

Feel more sorry for Broon myself ;-)

Weird though, how the two resignations happened within less than an hour of each other!

CMoB said...

Hahahaha! It would be great fun to see two top players engaged in a post-mortem ghetto style smoking blunts and all...