Thursday, August 05, 2010

Camera Kent Lie

On Tuesday I travelled down to Kent to watch round 8 of the British Championships. In the finest Chessbase (hack, spit) tradition, I have produced a lazy 'photo report' of my day, below. (Note: this post was scheduled for yesterday, but I missed the last train back and was stranded in bloody Canterbury.)

"Where the right wing go to die"

On campus: bland shit.

From the balcony.

S&BCC President Angus French in his rightful place on board one in the Major Open...

...and at the other end of the table, just a few boards down, Stephen Ledger (right), another S&BCC member.

A closer look at that bowman visible in the background of the previous picture. Looming large over every single participant in this year's British Championships, I like to think of him as a sort of modern-day Caissa, and a more aggressive one, constantly threatening to shoot down the weak-willed. I call him 'Archie'.

Match of the day: British no. 1 versus the last-but-one British champion.

Danny Gormally versus Donald Mason. Insert your own 'fruit punch' gags.

Blog reader Simon Williams (left) on the Guinness.

IM Tom Rendle.

GM Aaron Summerscale.

Silver-haired epitome of cool: S&BCC's very own Alan Hayward.


Foreground: Felix Jose Ynojosa-Aponte (right) versus IM Andrew Greet. Background: FM Peter Constantinou (right) versus IM Richard Pert.

Mike Surtees shaping up to make one of his wacky moves.

A view from the back of the commentary room, where IMs Andrew Martin and Malcolm Pein were doing their thing. Foreground: the back of Chappers' head.

The chess player's lot.


Martin Smith said...

Nice showcase of S&BCC talent, Morgan.

10th pic down, standing behind & to (our) left of IM Tom Rendle, is Ian Henderson, Surbiton CC, who readers may remember from this - my 15 minutes of, er, fame.

ejh said...

Re: Donald Mason's banana: I see Simon Williams has upgraded from the banana that he had with him during his second round game against Paul Littlewood. This was the webcam game and watching, we could all see his banana was still with him, untouched, after about four hours of play.

I thought he'd never get round to eating it. I watched for ages...and then popped out of the room for a couple of minutes and when I got back, the banana had gone. I'd missed it.

God, the holidays drag sometimes when you work in schools.

Tom Chivers said...

Does Felix have a beard now? When I last saw him his voice hadn't broken.

Anonymous said...

In a spare moment today I noticed that, as Black, Mike Surtees had moved seven of his pawns in his first seven moves... He went on to win.


Anonymous said...

Talking bananas: when GingerGM resigned to Adams today, he still had two whole uneaten bananas plus a partly-drunk can of Red Bull remaining.