Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Generation Why +1

Once upon a time before facebook, people actually used blogs to share personal stuff.

And today those Web 1.0 days are back for one day only, with photographs of south London's littlest chess hustler!

First you set up the pieces...

... and adjust the clock.

Fire on Board?


Time control for a nap.

If in doubt, chuck it about.

Ah, that feels better. Whatever next? Detailed, personal emails? Advertising not targeted to our search terms? Long, worthy reads? A list of friends you can count on two hands? Hands used to write, not type? Carrier pigeons?

All the same out-of-date long-lost nothings to him, no doubt, in years to come. Except maybe chess perhaps, our ancient game forever conjuring new tricks, and thus forever young?

Photographs by Daddy's fiancée Sarah Condry.


Jonathan B said...

Finally a Chivers I can beat at chess. For a few years anyway.

Pleased to see the young fella has got the board the right way around.


Richie said...

Some lovely pics there, Tom.

My little one loves to 'play' chess. She is now 2 1/2 and has had one of my old sets for about a year already!

Mostly she just puts the pieces onto the board, White pieces onto the White squares and Black pieces onto the Black squares.

She knows the names of the some of the pieces too, but sometimes needs some prompting!

So, about 2 months ago, I tell her we are going to actually play a game of chess. I get the board set up (correctly!) and off we go. She is playing White...

Please note that the notation is something of a hybrid!

1. h3 ...d5
2. e2 to h5 ...e6
3. f3 ...Nf6
4. h2 to d3 ...Nc6
5. Nb x c6 ...b x c6
6. Ke2 ...Ba6
7. Bf x a6 ...e5
8. Nb into box. Says 'Snap!'

I ask if she wants to play on. She says, 'Yes', then picks up her Queen and puts it back into the box as well. 'Snap!'.