Wednesday, November 03, 2010


Recycle! Reuse! Rejoice! Here are some good bits of teh recent interweb, selected just for you.
  • We start off with the picture to the right - and, uh oh. Tsar Peter seems to have rather been swindled by his son Tsarevitch Alexey. What happened next? To find out you'll need to get hold of the Russian children's magazine Bathyscaphe, from where this delightful scene is taken. Meanwhile, the meticulous creative process behind the image is detailed here. (Via.)

  • Chess also gets a mention in the New York Review of Books Blog, in an article about William Jones, "a late-eighteenth-century genius and polymath". In it you'll find a link to Jones's poem about chess, as well as a drawing that accompanied the poem on its publication.

  • This one's for the specialists though. Via John Saunders, we learn of ChEx: the new blog of ECF Chief Executive Andrew Farthing. His most recent piece praises the English Chess Forum, although maybe the forum isn't for everyone; a less complimentary review is quoted here.

  • Finally, Dinosaur Comics is one of my favourite parts of the web, even more so since the author helped launch a book called Machine of Death which entirely accidentally thoroughly enraged Glenn Beck. Search through here for that particular saga. What I actually have today is an excuse to link to the comic because it recently mentioned chess:

    Enjoy the whole thing here.


Jonathan B said...

If I was Tsar I wouldn't put up with somebody taking the piss like that. Off to the salt mines with him.

Tom Chivers said...

If I were the Tsar, I'd offer a draw.