Friday, December 24, 2010

Apparently Got Something to do with chess V

Christmas Bonus week here at the S&BC Blog: we're suspending the usual Mon-Wed-Fri schedule and posting something every day. In case you missed them, yesterday's unusual Thursday post was Chess in Art: Nothing is wasted, only reproduced and Tuesday's was Duffer's Delight III.

Three moves is all it takes to challenge* the outcome of the game... In Marcus' world, battles are fought every day - on the street, at home and in school. Angered by his sister's death, his father's absence, and pushed to the brink by a bullying classmate, Marcus fights back with his fists. One punch from expulsion, Marcus encounters CM, an unlikely chess master who challenges him to fight his battles on the chess board. But Marcus has some hard lessons to learn before he can accept CM's help to regain control of his life.

Or so it says here.

Chrimbo tomorrow. I hope you end up with something interesting in your stocking. Personally, I'm hoping for Chess Rumble. It sounds pretty good, don't you think?

Well, that's me done chess blogging for another year. Happy Christmas and a good New Year to you all.

* It seems that Amazon have got it wrong and the correct line is:- three moves is all it takes to change the outcome of the game ...

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ejh said...

Well, beware: you'd want to know about the chess content (a children's bookseller writes). I've seen this, for instance, by the very reputable Michael Morpurgo: chess plays a large part in it, but it's mangled, written-by-somneboy-who-doesn't-play chess.

Does this matter? I think it does, because at some point it's going to be read by kids who do play, and they're only going to be confused by it.

Or maybe not, and it doesn't really matter. Actually at some point I might write about this. I'd like to know Morpurgo's opinion.

Anyway, talking of Chess Rumble...

David Surratt said...

Great review (with video trailer) here:

Jonathan B said...

Thanks for the review David.

Since making the post, I've discovered quite a bit more about Chess Rumble - including the trailer that you mention.

I'll be returning to Chess Rumble in the new year.