Thursday, December 30, 2010

The twelve puzzles of Xmas

Marks, 1999

Mate in six


Anonymous said...

Not an answer to this particular puzzle, but does "HAPPY NEW YEAR" (2010) ring any bells?

(so that's why we got the fiendishly difficult Yarosh last time out ...)

ejh said...

That is so.

Anonymous said...

Rf3 Kh4 Nf4 Kg4 Ng6 hxg6 Kxg6 Kh4 Kf5 Kh5 Rh3#

ejh said...

Quite so. Nice easy one.

Originally published in Problem Paradise: my source was Schachklub Gronau: Orthodoxe (sic) Chess Problems - Udo Marks, Sixmovers.

Martin Smith said...

Haven't read the other comments yet, so've taken no clues to solving to this (my) brain-buster.

I've tried applying L & F's categories a priori ,
as it were, to see if they would help me crack it: e.g What is the most "Paradoxical" move? (1.Kg7) What is the most "Geometric"? (search me). Still flummoxed.

Another hour with the cold towel, then I'm going to cheat; and I'll see if this L & F malarkey works a posteriori

Martin Smith said...

Just looked at the comments, & blimey I had that line (or something like it) about two TV programmes ago, but miscounted the moves.

I suppose in L & F terms it gets something for Paradox (the Knight sac) - though it didn't come as much of a surprise as that black h pawn was always there for a reason.

Somehow it seems slight and not packing a great aesthetic punch, which is maybe why one feels unable to identify any strong "elements" at work.

Or maybe I'm just knackered.