Monday, December 06, 2010


Marcel's passion for the game was overwhelming. On his honeymoon in 1927, he spent the days studying chess problems and most of the nights sleeping off his chess jags ... his enraged bride, Lydie, crept downstairs one night and glued all the pieces to the board.

The Complete Chess Addict (Mike Fox & Richard James, 1987) on Marcel Duchamp

Mrs Condry-Chivers' Secret Weapon


Morgan Daniels said...

When I was at the MoMA recently I was confronted with a paradox: not having known that Duchamp's original readymade was on the top floor, I became tremendously excited when I came across it. Which wasn't really the point, right?

Martin Smith said...

Don't mention this to the C-C's but, as Man Ray relates the glue story (he is the, perhaps unreliable, source), the Duchamps divorced three months later.

ejh said...

I can't believe an artist offered an unreliable anecdote. Next you'll be telling us an actor didn't get up in the morning.