Friday, November 04, 2011

At what point does this become embarrassing?

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Jonathan B said...

And another example this morning. RDK's twitter feed would be infinitely better if he didn't retweet stuff like this

John Cox said...

How on earth does Keeno's twitter feed have any followers at all?? How could anyone possibly, possibly not have better things to do?

ejh said...

People who are on Twitter are generally on Twitter precisely because we have nothing better to do.

Mind you, the same thing could be said about playing chess, no?

Peter Sowray said...

If you are looking for other ways to waste your time (and let's face it who isn't) I recommend:-


Jonathan B said...

Peter: Link of genius. Many thanks.

(If anybody is too lazy to cut & paste here it is clickable style.

John, Raymondo's twitter feed isn't bad, actually (as far as twitter feeds go) if you edit out the CJ puffing. It was RDK, after all, who broke the news that he would be attending the opening ceremony of the British this year. That was pretty big news, I think.

Patzer Sees Check said...

Can we just not be honest about dearest Ceej?

He's a bellend.