Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Chiv Chat

  • Portsmouth-based artist and chess player Kier Eyles has created, well, a collector's item:-
  • - a sketch of each player from December's London Chess Classic, along with each of their signatures! Nice work Kier.
  • I don't know if Kier's piece is for sale, but I also liked this ice chess piece maker, a bargain at $10:
     A pity the flame-thrower is not included - surely a more interesting 33rd piece than the clock.
  • Tonight's the night I play my first chess game this season - my first since some time in Spring last year. And this lunch time is my birthday lunch time, spent at the pub. Predictions for how many moves I last anyone?


Jonathan B said...

ejh said...

The signatures exhibit rather better draughtsmanship than the portraits.

Anonymous said...

If Short gets uppity about "Nosher", he sure won't like that picture!

Anonymous said...

But Short's picture makes him look handsome which he isn't. The same goes for Nakamura.

If I was Anand I'd be the most offended - what a terrible picture. His mouth looks like it's been involved in a botched operation.

Not sure why Aronian's nose is a couple of inches to the right of his mouth. Also why is Howell shown as cross-eyed?

Everyone else looks good though, much better quality pics than the above.

Niall said...

Board turned the wrong way!

By the way, I'd be wary of buying the chess-piece ice tray. I have one that has penguin shapes, but the ice cubes aren't readily identifiable as penguins, or as anything really.
Reckon I could do them under the Trade Description Act. Ice cube tray manufacturers, they'll shaft you every time!

Niall said...

By the way, if you watch Jonathan B's link, you'll notice the e2e4 Table 10 card making one of its rare non-chess appearances around the 0:10 mark.

Rjf said...

Good?! Kramnik looks like Ben Elton while doing one of his knob gags.