Saturday, January 07, 2012

Desperate times

Suppose this. Suppose you were working for the New York Times, and you had this article ready to go, all about the impact of continued austerity of the Irish people and economy. But you had to select a photo to head the piece. What sort of photo would you want?

Me, I think you'd want something striking. Something that would make people think "ah, there but for the Grace of God go you and I". Something that would say to the general public, look at what is happening to these people - they must be really desperate, if they've ended up like this.

But maybe the New York Times thought otherwise.

Or maybe they didn't...


ninalazina said...

I am thinking of setting up a chess club in Waltham Forest. Any ideas will be greatly appreciated. I do not play chess but want the young people of this area to have the opportunity to learn and I will be learning alongside them. Many thanks

Jonathan B said...


I'm afraid I know next to nothing about setting up a chess club ... and even less than that about setting up a chess club for younger people.

I suppose the first thing is to decide on what your age range is going to be. <=10 >10 but <20? >20? It will make a difference.

Also, you might want to try googling Malcolm Pein and his Chess in Schools and Communities charity. It is possible that they might be able to provide some help/advice.

good luck.

Jonathan (S&B Chess Blog)

Niall said...

Having had a quick glance at the article, the family shown is in danger of losing their house due to an inability to keep up their repayments. So possibly the photo is showing “Paradise about to be Lost”.

Your interpretation, however, is funnier, as my non chess-playing friends would agree!