Friday, December 07, 2012

The Great Chessboxing Swindle : a huge signing

Fed up with proper chess? Never mind - tomorrow it's chessboxing again!

And what's that name we see at the bottom? Yes! It's Ray!

Pop quiz for Andy "junior chess champion" Costello. Ray did indeed second Korchnoi in his 1978 match against Karpov...

...but why, as a result, didn't Korchnoi want Ray as his second in the 1981 match?

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Anonymous said...

I thought RDK had been promoting chess boxing events in his column and twitter feeds for some time. It's known that the chess is of "amateur" standard at best, notwithstanding the eminence of the commentators, but what of the boxing? On the face of it, it seems a commercial success, as they seem to sell tickets for a full house.