Monday, December 31, 2012

The twelve puzzles of Xmas

Position from a variation which did not take place.

What was the variation and in what game might it have occurred?


Anonymous said...

Was Tal black?

Jonathan B said...

I don't recognise this one either.

I got the first couple, but I've been drawing a blank for the last few days.

ejh said...

Tal? Yes.

If anybody's been looking at an old Chess in Art posting this afternoon, by the way, apologies. No idea how that happened, but I have now removed it.

John Cox said...

Is this that absurd Portisch-Tal game in which Portisch was half a set up but got confused and missed various wins?

ejh said...

Yes it is. Interzonal, 1964, and more wins were missed than the one illustrated here.