Friday, December 28, 2012

The twelve puzzles of Xmas

Position from a variation which did not take place.

What was the variation and in what game might it have occurred?


Anonymous said...

Benko-Fischer 1966 US Championship

Instead of 24.Re1?, 24.Nxa8 Bxc1 (24....Rxa8 25.Rc7±) 25.Nc7 Bxb2 26.Rb1 Rc8 27.Nd5 Rc2 28.Ne3 +-


ejh said...

Yes, but I think there's something you could have added!

Incidentally if solvers would like to identify themselves (even if only wih initials, internet handles etc) it would be helpful, as otherwise I don't know if it's the same Anonymous every day.

Jonathan B said...

Would this have ruined bobby's perfect 11/11?

ejh said...

No, it was from a different year.