Tuesday, April 02, 2013

Final Score

Rook endings played at the 2013 Candidates' tournament:-
Radjabov 3  
Gelfand  2 
Grischuk 2 
Ivanchuk 2 
Aronian  1 
Carlsen  1 
Kramnik  1
Svidler  0


That's six rook endings (being generous with the definition) from 56 games at a healthy 10.71%. True, it took the intervention of your humble scribe to get things moving - The Campaign for the Preservation of Rook Endings - but there's no need to thank me.

You can find

  • Grischuk-Radjabov (5) here;
  • Gelfand-Aronian (9) and Ivanchuk-Radjabov (9) here;
  • Carlsen-Ivanchuk (12) and Radjabov-Grischuk (12) here;
  • Kramnik-Gelfand at the foot of today's blog;
  • and you can test your technique against Magnus Carlsen here.

In other news, some Norwegian kid has qualifed to play a match for the World Championship.

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Radja via chess.com


ejh said...

One thing about 'em, computer evaluations don't tell you very much.

Anonymous said...

I know this isn't the caption competition, but for Radjabov's photo. 'I hate chess. I'd much rather be in Oasis.'