Monday, April 15, 2013

Super Things III

White to play

Today we're back both to our cutting-off theme and to my theoretical battle with the Novag Super Expert.

This position is drawn with best play. With the defending king well placed, as it is here, cutting-off by one file just isn't enough. Still, as we'll see, the Super Thing didn't put up the stiffest resistance and I managed to sneak a win anyway.

The question is, how do you improve Black's play?  Specifically, at what point does the objective evaluation change from '=' to '+-'?

Rook and pawn Index


Anonymous said...

8 .. Ke4 looks wrong on the reasoning of staying as close to c8 as possible. The Shredder tablebase confirms this as Ke6 was necessary.

The theme of cutting the King off is similar to that example where Rh5 was winning, but Rc1 was a draw.


Jonathan O'Connor said...

I would imagine, that instead of 8...Ke4, 8...Ke6 was better. But maybe he could draw a few moves later too.