Saturday, July 13, 2013

John Lewis III

By the time you read these words EJH and I will be on the way back to Penarth for a week's holiday and the South Wales International. Follow me - @Berlin_Endgame - for tournament updates, between-rounds chat and general inanity (chessic and otherwise).

Talking of travel to other countries and twitter ...

A bit of an eyebrow raiser that. For somebody last heard of being booted from a venue for non-payment of two tournaments' worth of rent, I mean.

Oh dear. Receiving bad service and a fibbing is not pleasant, is it? I'm curious about a point of etiquette, though. Does anybody have a Debretts handy? When you've been giving it 'the cheque's in the, really, the cheque's in the post this time', precisely how long do you have to wait until it becomes seemly to complain about that sort of thing yourself?"

Disgusting company, indeed. It certainly doesn't sound very good. But, then again, at least Dixons Travel actually exists. Which is more than you can say for Chevannes Chess Academy Ltd when London's chessers were invited to send cheques to it if they wanted to enter the Richmond Rapidplay last September.

Not that we can explain that away as a one-off mistake. There's also, for example, the "Chevannes Chess Weekender" advertised for 10th/11th November 2012.

Clearly marked as being run by the Chevannes Chess Academy Ltd ...

... with a request that cheques be made payable to Chevannes Chess Academy Ltd ...

... even though, as we know - as we now know, I should say - CCA Ltd had actually been "Struck off and dissolved" by Companies House in July 2010.

This is all rather unfortunate. So is not filing accounts as you are required to do when you are a Limited Company - as Chevannes Chess Academy Ltd did not; so is not keeping your details at Companies House up to date as you are required to do when you are a Limited Company - as London Academy of Chess and Education Limited has not.

An unfortunate mess, then, but what to do about it?

Accepting the consequences of your actions? That's a good idea. I like that.

Anyhoo, let us return to the pressing matter of the day. To wit: the purchase of digital cameras. I think I can help with that one.

When I wanted electronic stuff - a washing machine, say, or a computer (like the one upon which I type these words) - I went to John Lewis. If I wanted a camera I'd do the same. They're good at customer service there, you see. Really. Why not try them?

With thanks to EJH

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