Friday, September 27, 2013

Sixty Memorable Annotations

#22: Gligoric - Euwe, Zurich Candidates' Tournament 1953

 39 ... Rb3

Either Euwe had not time left to think, or else he considered he could draw as he pleased; in any case, he was not paying sufficient attention to his opponent's plan.

David Bronstein, Zurich International Chess Tournament 1953 (Dover, 1979)

Today we have a little bit of afters from the '4v3 pawns all on the same side' rook ending of a couple of  weeks back. Gligoric - Euwe had a cameo there, you may recall.

It was when I was back from Penarth and doing a bit of 4v3 research that I came across Bronstein's note. It reminded me of a Chess Vibes interview with Harikrishna filmed just after his game with Giri at Wijk earlier this year. Check out what he's got to say at 0:36.

This is drawn > Almost anything will draw > Everything will draw > Oops. There seems to be something about rook endgames that encourages this line of thought. From guys fighting for the right to contest a World Championship Match to 'ordinary' GMs to common or garden club chessers. I've certainly been guilty of it myself.

Who to blame, though? Who to blame?

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John Cox said...

Is that Tartakover or that fellow from Dad's Army?

Anonymous said...

Najdorf blames the clock the alternate 1953 book, although he annotates differently.

I think Bronstein's notes better; for this one game at least

Paul C