Monday, September 29, 2014

Ray Could Play XV

White to play
Keene - Polak, Erlangan 1968

I was planning to move on from RDK, but since I boobed last time around (RCP XIV: Pretty Good Year), I thought I should do one more that most definitely is an ISE.

So, Black’s just gone … Qa6-a7. Ray to play.

"I spent half an hour considering this sacrifice … ", our man writes in Flank Openings (his notes to the game are also available for free here), "a primarily strategic offer based on the weakness of Black's pawns and the isolated position of his queen."

Half an hour well spent, it turns out. The "!?" Keene appends to his move suggests he wasn’t 100% sure about it, but today with the benefit of computer engines we can be a little more certain. Ray’s judgement was spot on.

2014 ISE Count: 55 (still)
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