Wednesday, November 05, 2014


White to play
Kasparov - Karpov, World Championship Match (Lyon) Game 14

I had a complaint that I was pushing it a bit when claiming two ISEs for last week’s post (A Pair of ISEs or An Exchange of Exchanges). Caring not a jot for the fact that Kasparov only had one legal move when he did his, I’m going to claim another two for the price of one today as well.

Black to play

2014 ISE Count: 63
TISE Index


Anonymous said...

I found this series much more interesting when you found the time to say something about the exchange sacrifices. But these days you're just listing examples. It's more like stamp collecting than chess.

Do you recognise this shift? Is it deliberate?

Jonathan B said...

Do you recognise this shift? Is it deliberate?

Yes, and more necessary than deliberate I’d say.

It’s a zeitnot issue, I’m afraid. I think this series really began to change in the summer when I started writing about chess and dementia. I just didn’t have the time to do both. With the chess and dementia series starting up again - and with other non-blogging stuff demanding more and more of my energies - i’m afraid I’m just lacking the time to focus on ISEs as much as I did at the start of the year.

Another issue is that I was running out of ways to say, "I don’t really understand this."

Anonymous said...

Fair enough!