Sunday, December 21, 2014

A quick summary may be helpful

Or, "Chutzpah".

Ray's Times column yesterday

A quick summary of some of his other columns

[Ray Keene index]


Andrew Gelman said...

Setting aside all concerns about plagiarism . . . what a boring recommendation! The point of these sorts of columns is to recommend something unusual, no? What next, the music critic suggesting a recording of Beethoven's Fifth Symphony (can't go wrong with that, right?), or maybe the movie critic suggesting you look out for that charming rarity, Citizen Kane?

Anonymous said...

Sorry ejh, you've lost me here.

ejh said...

Read down the list!

Andrew - good point. Though in fact Ray does recommend all sorts of unusual items, but only when they're written or published by his friends. In fact everything he recommends is written or published by his friends.