Sunday, December 14, 2014

The Worst Move On The Board XIX

Nettleton-Orgler, London Chess Classic FIDE Open, round four, 11 December 2014.
Position after 28. Rf1-c1.

Easy one to find, this one. Mind you, easy one to miss as well.

[Thanks to Tim Dickinson and Jack Rudd]
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John Philpott said...

Presumably 28....Qe5-d6?? to defend the c-pawn allowing 29.Qd4+

ejh said...


Marco said...

28. ... f4?? 29. Qxh7 checkmate

Anonymous said...

I suppose it shows how difficult Black's position was to play, when one routine move 28. .. Qd6 allows mate in three, whilst another 28. .. f4 allows mate in one. I wonder what's Black's best? Perhaps it's Rc8 with the idea of defending the c6 pawn and also preparing Rc8-c7 to contest control of his second rank.