Wednesday, December 24, 2014

All wrapped up


And that's just about it for the year. They're awkward to write, end-of-year posts, with their round-ups-of-the-year, their ironic asides and their holiday wishes at the end. (Still, if I'm finding this effort awkward, I wouldn't fancy the King of Spain's job.)

Suffice to say that in my view the worst chess news of the year was Kirsan Ilyumzhinov winning his election and the best news was Garry Kasparov losing his. And that was the year for you. Everything was just as bad at the end of it as it was at the beginning. Either that, or it was worse.

We'll be back with more cheerfulness in the New Year, albeit with a little less of it than before, since we've found our schedule a little too onerous, with the current staffing levels, to keep up. So for next year we'll be doing a minimum three postings a week, where we've previously been doing a minimum four. (It was either that, or more obvious fillers like this piece.)

No Xmas puzzles, either: we couldn't think of any that your computers wouldn't be able to solve for you. It's all cuts these days.

Back around the sixth.



Andrew Gelman said...

Bummer that you'll only be doing 3 days a week. If you're running short of original material, perhaps you could ask Ray Keene to submit the occasional piece? It's my impression that he's overflowing with good new stuff but has no outlets to place it all.

More seriously, I'd love if you could team up with some other bloggers and run a regular chess column, a convenient one-stop shop with new material every day.

I know I'm asking you to do this for free and I'm sure you have better things to do. Still, a reader can hope . . .

ejh said...

We did in fact post every day (sometimes more than once a day) when we started, but back then there were three of us who had more or less all-day computer access and no kids. This isn't the case any more (I, for instance, spend a lot of time on the road or working not in front of a screen).

Of course, it may be that the total amount of material we produce doesn't change much, but the main point is that we've only been able to sustain the blog for so long by never, ever failing to publish on the advertised days, because once that starts happening there's only one way it's going to end. So we don't like to guarantee more than we're sure we can actually do. That's we cut down from seven times a week to four - and now to three.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. I fear the end may be nearing. I sincerely hope not.

Jonathan B said...

We’ll be here a while yet.

For myself the issue has never been running out of material. Quite the reverse.

I’ve been asked several times over the years whether I ever struggle coming up with things to write about. How could I? How could anybody?

What’s frustrating is wanting to write about more, and write in more depth, and not having the time. Having to leave good subjects alone - subjects that are not being covered elsewhere - due to lack of time is a real drag.

Such is life.

Still, we’ll be back in January anyhoo doing what we can.