Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Daddendum 2

Just a quick postscript to Daddendum.

Regular S&B Chess Blog reader and fellow chess-art iconographer David Roberts has just been in touch. Using his skills in digital picture recovery (something he does in the course of his professional work), David has built on the traces of colour in the Tate's reproduction of The Child's Problem and re-created for us how it may have looked originally.

Before, and...

...after David's manipulation 
As Dadd expert Nick Tromans (see Daddendum), to whom we showed the enhancement, aptly remarked: "Sad to see what we are missing."

Stunning. Thanks David.

In view of the comments below, please see Daddendum 3

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Unknown said...

Mr Hogg commented: greatly enjoy your excursions into art, excellent!

I can see Karpov in face of the older player whilst the younger player is clearly another Russian GM whose face floats in my mind sans name, help!

I await the definitive work on chess and art from the "Near Eyed Monk" anagrammatically known as Raymond Keene which will assist me.

AngusF said...

Just came across this review of the Guildford exhibition in the New Statesman. Have enjoyed reading your pieces on Richard Dadd, Martin. David R's restoration makes the picture much clearer.

Martin Smith said...

Thanks both.

That New Statesman review is worth a read.

Martin Smith said...

And here is another - less straightforward - review, pointed out by ejh (thanks!).

Matt Fletcher said...

Had a look back over the Dadd archive, very interesting thanks Martin. @ Mr Hogg - could the Russian GM be Ruslan Ponomariov perhaps?

Martin Smith said...

Thanks Matt for taking the trouble to look through the Dadd etc back numbers