Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Blue or Red Pill VII

There are two chess tournaments taking place in London.

If you turn up at the first, let’s say it’s at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand, you’ll find the playing hall to be a slightly cramped, not spectacularly well lit room while the demo boards are small, as far away from the spectators as they could possibly be and not always kept up to date. There is no Grandmaster commentary but if you were to wander into the bar area there may or may not be a computer screen displaying what may or may not be a game you’re interested in and you may or may not overhear a visiting GM, Spess, Conquest, Jon Levitt for example, giving an opinion on the state of play*.

- but it’s free to get in.

If you were to go to the second, for the sake of argument we’ll hold it at Kensington Olympia, you’ll discover “… excellent facilities including a 400 seat soundproof auditorium, two commentary rooms and multimedia presentation.” Rumour has it that there will even be, “… separate commentary for beginners and improvers…. ” and furthermore, visitors “… will be able to play tournament or informal games all day.”**

- but admission will cost you £15 a day.

Alas, you only have time to visit one. If we assume your journey time would be the same for each tournament, which one are you going to go to?

The tournament at Simpson’s-in-the-Strand has a habit of opening each round by announcing that it is the strongest chess tournament held in England since the 1930s. The one at Olympia has a stronger field than its cousin yet merely claims it is “… the highest level tournament in London for 25 years ….”**

Which one for choice here?

PS: The eagle-eyed amongst you may have noticed that Blue or Red Pill? now has an Index

* according to my own experience when I’ve visited over the past couple of years

** according to Malcolm Pein’s editorial in August’s Chess Magazine [ Volume 74 (5) ]


Tom Chivers said...

Is this really a blue or red pill question, given one can answer "neither" or "both"!?

Jonathan B said...

No. You've got to choose one or the other. Coz I say so!

Jonathan B said...

Although obviously in the real world either or both would be entirely reasonable answers.

Tom Chivers said...

You are teh matrix . . .

ejh said...

Fifteen nicker is pushing it a bit. If I were in London I'd probably go to the Ray Show. Mind you I'd do that anyway.