Monday, October 02, 2006

605 million index

Figure of fun The claim, made by Andrew Paulson, but not by YouGov - completely debunked.
By the time that we got to Moscow we were half a billion strong Malcolm Pein makes it
Half a billion chessplayers can't be wrong CSC makes it (and comments trace "half a billion" back to 2000)
Those figures of fun again FIDE and Chessdom make it 
Unlearned journal Susan Polgar makes it
Why didn't Petrosian play 3.e3? AGON make it
600 million again Leontxo García makes it
Hundreds of millions David Edmonds makes it
Numbers game The Politiken Cup makes it
Palin in comparison The Financial Times makes it
Who'd have thought it? Susan Polgar makes it - well 700 million in her case
An evening with Ilya Merenzon Ilya Merenzon makes it
Higher! Higher! Kirsan makes it and bumps it up to 800 million
Hundreds of millions people Dylan Loeb McClain makes it, more or less, on behalf of AGON

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Anonymous said...

Let the hype begin!

"organizers estimate that over a billion viewers will follow the match on TV."

(og arrangøren regner med at over en milliard seere vil følge matchen på TV.)