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Ray Keene Index

[The first section goes in descending chronological order, i.e. the most recent items are at the bottom, above "The Keene-Miles affair". Ray's extensive plagiarism is also being documented at the Plagiarism Index and the Plagiarised by Ray Keene index while his industrial-scale reuse of old articles is at the Ray Copies Ray index. Readers may also be interested in Keenipedia, though it is not connected to this blog.]

The things Ray says Ray forgets to mention the book he wrote despite having contracted not to
Ray of hope Ray tries to touch Kate Hoey for a job - Hoey does not reply
Post paste Ray's unauthorised copying from Edward Winter
Grandnesia Ray's excuse - he claims to have forgotten where he copied from
What Ray did next Ray revises his copied piece, but there's still plenty of copying left
Pick up a Private Eye Ray's unauthorised copying reaches the pages of Private Eye
How good is your copying? Ray copying again, albeit this time copying himself
Looks Familiar Ray's Wikipedia entry mysteriously copied into his Chessville biography
Giddins Gracious Me Ray acquires a new sidekick
The Library with Two Brains Ray's books don't seem to make it to legal deposit libraries
PsychoSchiller Ray's sidekick Eric Schiller gets all threatening
Shameless spivvery Ray in Private Eye again
Iffy and whiffy Ray's lawyer fined and banned
The Staunton set Ray has pro-Karpov event named after his own chess tournament
No thank you, CJ Ray acquires yet another sidekick, and unfortunately it's the ECF President
Bad book covers XIV Ray's friend Barry Martin produces hideous cover for Ray's book
Do not adjust your set Ray plugs his brother-in-law's book, omits to mention it's his brother-in-law
When we were Kings XVIII Ray's contract-busting book: how the chess press failed to report the controversy
Did they mean compulsive? Ray favours compulsory chess in schools
Ray Tweets the Wedding Ray claims Royal connections
Anti Chess II: Refuseniks and Dissidents Ray smuggled books into the USSR
Giving a simul Ray played the author in 1984
Cut and paste Ray/Johann Hari joke
Chess man Raymond plays for cheque Ray when he was apparently on course to be the first English Grandmaster
Ray on Rupert Ray loves Rupert Murdoch
When will they ever learn? Ray, for some reason, invited to open the British Championships
CJ, the ECF and Constable Savage Ray, the T-shirt controversy and matters arising
The man who would be mentioned Ray demands apologies
The mysterious appearance of Ray: The ECF Responds Ray at Sheffield: the ECF comments, albeit not very much
At what point does this become embarrassing? Ray's sidekick wished happy birthday by another sidekick
Constable Savage again Ray at the centre of events, but the ECF try to pretend otherwise
Department of A Likely Story : Richard Desmond and the chess correspondent Ray with Desmond in 1984
Rumours Ray and the who-paid-for Sheffield rumours
Rumours II Ray and the who-paid-for Sheffield rumours - questions for the ECF
Rumours III Ray claims a "grovelling apology" to his sidekick
Whatever happened to the King's Indian Attack? Ray in his time was a flank openings pioneer
Considering the possibility Ray's sidekick thinks about appointing Ray as England captain
Tales from the Breakfast Club Ray and his sidekick discuss halloumi
Keeping things vague Ray wants to take the credit, but doesn't want to take the credit
What are buildings with the people gone? Ray hosts major chess tournament - the public not admitted
A likely customer Ray goes sock-puppetting
The Society of the Spectator Ray at event organised by magazine where his unauthorised copying appeared
Money Ray's company and the expensive rulebreaking dinner at the House of Lords
Money: Ray replies Ray and the House of Lords dinner: Ray emails
The Great Chessboxing Swindle: a huge signing Ray does chessboxing commentary. But why did he fall out with Korchnoi?
What happened next XIX Ray in 2007, plagiarising, in Chessville, Jonathan Levitt's notes from 2005 in CHESS
Enjoy a fine game and somebody else's notes Ray's plagiarising from CHESS detailed - and Chessville notified
Downtown Shortly after our piece about Ray plagiarising CHESS, Chessville disappeared
A typical game for the variation Ray illustrates a variation by inserting a move that never took place
All's Wells Ray's tribute to the late Ian Wells - a tribute that plagiarised the deceased's notes
Half a billion chess players can be wrong Did Ray come up with the "half a billion chess players" claim? (Probably not.)
The Great Chessboxing Swindle: taking a dive Ray never makes it to the Candidates commentary booth
Caption competition Ray at Number 11 with George Osborne
What Jean Stean had seen How Ray cheated Viktor Korchnoi: the full story from the CHESS letters column
Press freedom When Ray threw out a journalist from a world championship match
One of the privileged few How Ray cribbed an entire Spectator piece from the Chess Café and the Oxford Companion to Chess
Barking Ray takes lunch with UKIP aristocrats, they talk about chess with live dogs as pieces
Definitely Got Something to do with chess VIII Ray's Hydra book
Predecessors How Ray plagiarised Garry Kasparov in the Spectator
Plagiarism: what happened next Email to the Spectator editor, Ray's claim of permission
Predecessors Predecesssor How Ray plagiarised Garry Kasparov in the Spectator in 2011
Ray plagiarises Kasparov: Private Eye chips in The Eye on Ray plagiarising Kasparov
Stuck in the middle with you Ray's Spectator column from 2011 that reappeared as a Times column in 2012
Predecessors III: Alekhine-Boguljubow 1929 How Ray plagiarised Kasparov in the Times in 2013 - and 2010
Predecessors IV: Capablanca-Alekhine 1927 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times, 2013 - and the Spectator, 2012
Predecessors V: Reshevsky-Najdorf 1952 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times, twice in ten weeks in 2011
Predecessors VI: Fischer-Euwe 1960 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times, in 2011 and again in 2012
Predecessors VI: Fischer-Euwe 1960 (Part II) Ray also plagiarising Bobby Fischer
The revolution should not be plagiarised Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times, 2012
An unlikely customer Ray recycles Kramnik-Leko notes in four columns yet misses the main story - plus sock-puppeting
At this crucial crossroads 2010 Times notes reappearing in 2011 and 2004 Spectator notes that reappeared in the Times in 2010
Rich in resources Four consecutive Times columns copied from old Spectators - as is Ray's current Spectator column
Predecessors VII: Reti-Bogoljubow 1924 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times, 2011
Less is more of the same Ray's 2010 game notes that he reused in 2012
A Penrose is a Penrose is a Penrose is a Penrose is a Penrose Ray using the same game notes five times
Predecessors VIII: Spassky-Bronstein 1960 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Spectator, 2010 and 2012
Ray at halfway Ray recycling six columns in the space of eight days
Lending Ray Anand Ray plagiarising Viswanathan Anand in the Times in 2011
Predecessors IX: Petrosian-Gligoric 1970 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Spectator in 2012
Six of one The Adams-Carlsen notes Ray's used six times
Predecessors X: Smyslov-Botvinnik 1958 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2011 and 2013
Self publishing Ray's columns have promoted Hardinge Simpole more than thirty times without mentioning that he was a director
Predecessors XI: Capablanca-Bogoljubow 1922 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Spectator in 2012
Reeling in the years The last week's Times columns cribbed from Ray's Petrosian book, itself part-copied from a 2002 Spectator column
Predecessors XII: Botvinnik-Smyslov 1954 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Spectator in 2009 and the Times in 2011
The multiple plagiarisms of Ray Keene: Private Eye says more The Eye on the "bow-tied chess plagiarist"
Global consequences Ray after 9/11: recycling a piece he'd already used in 1997 - and twice in 1995.
In the hope of exploiting Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2011 and the Spectator in 2013
Bad Max Ray plagiarising Euwe and his translator Münninghoff in the Times in 2012
Checked and expanded upon Ray plagiarising the late Tony Miles in the Spectator and Times, 2003 to 2013
Would you really, Mr Kamm? Oliver Kamm says plagiarism would cost him his job. What about Ray then?
Predecessors XIII: Korchnoi v Karpov 1978 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 10)
Makes a pitiful impression Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 11)
Up to this point an exact replica Ray copying his Spectator notes wholesale into his 1985 world championship book
The time for decisive action is approaching Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 12)
Plus ça change Ray's slightly edited version of his own campaign to run FIDE
Predecessors XIV: Spassky v Petrosian 1969 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 8)
Guess who's coming to dinner? No sooner elected than Andrew Paulson's dining with previously "toxic" Ray
Predecessors XV: Petrosian v Botvinnik 1963 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 7)
What goes around comes around Ray's "world record": four and a half hours became three, an all-junior field became "opponents"
Predecessors XVI: Botvinnik-Petrosian 1963 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 6) and 2011
Predecessors XVII: Capablanca-Lasker 1921 Ray plagiarising Kasparov in the Times in 2013 (June 4) - and what of June 3?
Mo' Money Ray, Lord Pearson of Rannoch and the continuing House of Lords dinners scam
The perceptive reader will doubtless observe Ray plagiarising Korchnoi in the Times (June 3)
Predecessors XVIII: Zukertort-Steinitz 1886 Ray plagiarising Korchnoi in the Times (June 1)
Private Eye: Penguin Takes The Biscuit The Eye keeps readers up to date on Ray
Probably a mistake Ray plagiarising Bill Hartston in the Spectator in 2012
Probably a mistake II Ray plagiarising the same Hartston piece in the Spectator in 2004
Dirty Little Secrets Ray repeating his plagiarism of Kasparov in his new Harper Collins book
With his original manner Ray using notes to Lasker-Chigorin in the Times, Xmas 2012/3, that he'd already used during Xmas 2011/2...
Predecessors XIX: Lasker-Chigorin 1895 ...and Ray plagiarised both sets from My Great Predecessors
Dirty Little Secrets II More repeated plagiarism in Ray's new Harper Collins book
False notes How Ray plagiarised My Great Predecessors on
False notes II Ray copied those plagiarised notes from the Spectator
False notes III More copyright infringement in Ray's file
Dirty Little Secrets in Private Eye  Ray's plagiarised Times Little Book reaches Private Eye
From a Penguin to a Swan Ray's new fake-Polish-nobility friends
Ray at 66 Ray at 66, a much-dimished figure
Dirty Little Secrets III Ray repeating his plagiarism of Korchnoi in the Times Little Book
Dirty Little Secrets in Private Eye - again More Private Eye on the Times Little Book
Another lot of Dirty Little Secrets The Little Book recycles unacknowledged not just the Times but the Spectator
A cheat at chess Would Ray, the multiple plagiarist, be made welcome at the Varsity Match?
Wells Wells Wells More Raygiarism: it turns out that Ray ripped off Ian Wells' notes not once but twice.
Nosh-up Ray breakfasts with Nigel Short: they speak of financial misconduct in chess federations.
Ray in Romford Ray moves into inspirational speaking with his charlatan chums
Assuming wrongly Ray's commentary copied from Reappraisal and pilfered from Tartakower and Du Mont
Play it again, Sam Sam Sloan publishes a book by Ray: unsurprisingly it's full of copyright theft and old recycled notes
That alternative reality again... CNN sack a correspondent for "multiple instances of plagiarism". So when will Ray go the same way?
Trust is not the word How does the ECF come to be giving Ray free publicity bearing in mind why he's not a member?
A direct transposition Ray's notes which unaccountably fail to mention where they were published before
A morality play The notes derive from the Spectator, in which they plagiarise translators' notes in Reappraisal
Ins and outs How come the Times sack Simon Barnes but keep Ray on?
As a species we are not large like the Whale Ray's latest dubious venture with charlatan Tony Buzan
Ray Saves The Day How curious, Ray has followed this blog in doing aseries on exchange sacrifices
They're Already Off In which we recycle Ray's 1971 game against Bob Wade
Harman In My Head Massive plagiarism by a Times correspondent - though this time it's not Ray but Neil Harman
The bubonic plagiarist Private Eye calls Ray a "bubonic plagiarist". Meanwhile, Neil Harman is suspended by the Times.
Without actually looking at the score Ray's 1974 advice to chess journalists - check the score before you comment.
Umpteen exposes in the Eye and elsewhere Once more Private Eye calls Ray a bubonic plagiarist.
My favourite moves XV Karpov’s great 1978 innovation, reported on by Ray.
The flipside of Dominic Lawson III How Dominic Lawson never gave a stuff about his friend Ray ripping us off.
The flipside of Dominic Lawson IV Ray and Dominic Lawson's 1983 book, chock full of recycled material.
The flipside of Dominic Lawson V If Lawson becomes ECF President, Ray gets his hands close to our money.
I knew Nick Clegg was desperate but I didn't realise he was that desperate Ray dines with Nick.
None other than Ray plugs his sister several times in the Times and Spectator. Neither mentions that they are related.
Clearly not a sacking offence Ray in the Eye again: Neil Harman out at the Times, but surely they don't sack plagiarists?
Why didn't Petrosian play 3.e3? Ray reusing Reappraisal notes in the Spectator on the sly
In energetic fashion Ray copying out old columns in the Times this week, including one set he's now used four times
A quick summary may be helpful Ray uses his column to plug the book out of which he has plagiarised many other columns
Well aware of this game Xmas 1990 at the Spectator and Ray reuses notes from March in the same year
Barking back More live-chess-with-dogs-as-pieces plans
What the well-dressed chess plagiarist is wearing today Ray dresses down at Wijk Aan Zee
Feedback Ray's latest recycling capers reported to the Times, with the usual non-response
New plagiarist, old plagiarist So Rupert Murdoch does sack plagiarists....just not Ray
But not yet Ray reports that chess is becoming compulsory in Spanish schools, which as yet it isn't
A bad smell The Varsity Match appears to be there to showcase Ray and his crony Tony Buzan
...and I am glad Ray's Little Book of Chess Plagiarism is remaindered
End of the Immortal Ray's Times notes on the Immortal Game, overlooking that the notes he copied say there was no checkmate
Announcement The blog apologises to Ray for all its allegations and pays a sum to the Brain Trust
Bad advice Enquiry as to Tony Buzan's Olympic-squad-training claim is referred to Ray, his biography. Ray does not elaborate
What's the point? Stephen Moss quotes Ray as wondering what the point is of cheating. Well Ray should know
Nigel: the experts speak Ray writes about the Short/hardwiring controversy in the Spectator and calls on the expertise of...Tony Buzan
Fifty Ray plagiarising Kasparov, Panov, Euwe and Alekhine in the Times, 20 April 2013.
Tribute act Ray pays tribute to Walter Browne by using his notes as a labour-saving device
Sitges: took the hint A Ray note from 1978 affectionately recalled
DG XXV: "Verghese, chess, Alzheimer’s" Ray turns his hand to chess-Alzheimer's nonsense
This position is drawn even without White's b-pawn An odd error in a Ray column from 1977
No consolation Why quote Barry Martin in a piece about women's chess? Because he's Ray's old mate
Anderton emerges David Anderton's ECF career, marred by three scandals where he acted in support of Ray
Stenden joke Ray and the Tony Buzan circus go for a day trip to Leeuwarden
Death of a subscription Nigel Davies still thinks of Ray as some kind of benefactor of chess rather than a spiv
Well worth repeating Ray's game notes in the Times for 20 November 2015: taken-word-for-word from his column for 11 December 2014
Much too Keene Ray giving out prizes at Gibraltar and being chummy with Leontxo García
My favourite moves XV Ray praising Reti's 15. Qa1 in the Times, 27 August 2011
Highly typical  When Ray praised Reti's 15. Qa1 he was plagiarising Hans Kmoch and My Great Predecessors
Traditions Once again Ray casts an embarrassing shadow over the Varsity Match

The Keene-Miles affair
Keene's Gambit Ray accused: the Sunday Times piece where the allegation was made in print
Keene's Move Ray's version of events
Checked Again Ray's version: Miles' rebuttal
Stop me if you've heard this one before Ray and Miles: link to Miles' full account in Kingpin

RDK Annotates
A Trip and a Game, Down Memory Lane
Ray Keene: You Read It Here First

Ray Could Play
I: A win v Botvinnik and a draw with Karpov
II: RDK v Jakobsen, Esbjerg 1981
III: Hutchings v RDK, Barcelona zonal 1975
IV: RDK v Eric Holt, a loooong game.
V: RDK spots something his friend Michael Stean had missed.
VI: RDK knew how to sac the exchange.
VII: RDK simultaneously wins the British Championship and ends the Penrose era.
VIII: The first game with Tony Miles.
IX: 40-year-old preparation still stands up.
X: A Ray favourite against the Nimzo, a double exchange sac and a Master Game clip.

I want my IQP - dashing sacrifices from Raymondo

Black Queen Murder Mystery
Somebody dial 999?
- a mysterious map

Times Chess Man Cracks 'Missing Woman' Riddle
- DCI Mondo exercises his little grey cells

Definitely Got Something To Do With Chess V
- it almost became a pilot for a TV detective series

- a scene from the pilot

Probably Got Nothing To Do With Chess VII
- a Ray Keene v 'deadly assassin' thriller

Ray Could Soothsay
- some frontpages from The Times, a big article in the Sun ... and RDK getting a little bit carried away with himself afterwards

Nightmare over for The Riddler
- The suspect, Colin English, was found not guilty ... so what exactly was Raymondo's part in this investigation?

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