Saturday, October 28, 2006

Puzzle Index

If you're just here to try some puzzles, this is the post for you. Each time I add a puzzle, this post will be edited with the new link, and for all our Sunday puzzles on one page click here. Here are the current links to all puzzles on the blog:

Al-Adli's Ninth Century Firework (easy)
All Too Accurate... (hard)
Anderssen-Anonymous (hard)
An Old Pair (one easy, one moderate)
As simple as can be? (simple, but moderate)
Attacking the Marshall Attack back (moderate)
Beauty & the Bulldozer (moderate)
Beauty, sans Truth? (moderate)
Better than a Pole Dance? (hard)
Bishops and Pawns Endgame (easy)
Bronstein Memorial (fairly easy)
Christmas Tree (moderate/fun)
Comedy or Competition? (moderate)
Cutely Round The Rink (easy/moderate)
David Howell's Win in One (easy)
Double Escape for Double FF (one easy, one moderate)
Easy for Jonathan (moderate)
Fifteen Minutes . . . Twice! (moderate)
Four Thought (hard/fun)
Find a future chess - or not? (hard)
From Blue Skies, Thunderbolts (moderate)
From the Bargain Basement (moderate)
Here Comes The Sun! (hard)
Intrigue & Improvement (hard)
Lasker's Ideal (very, very hard)
Ljubo's Missed Win (very hard)
Nissl's Little Dance (hard)
Ooops... (easy)
Puzzle Extraordinairé (very hard)
Rooks and Pawns Endgame (hard)
Sam Loyd, 1858 (moderate)
Scenic Railway (easy/fun)
Théodore Herlin 1860 Ice Skating (moderate/fun)
Unscenic Railyway (moderate/fun)
What the Audience knew... (hard)
You Can't Fail (trivial/fun)

If that doesn't satisfy you, the followings posts also contain positions to chew over, but they are not really purely about the puzzle.

Capablanca Blindfold Brilliancy (very hard)
Game fragment - blitz tactic (easy)
Game fragment - blunder, but why? (easy)
Game fragment - break-through versus blockade (moderate)
Game fragment - missed win (hard)

Still not had enough? Really?? In that case, try out chess blogger Steve Goldberg's Puzzles as well!

Or - if studies are more your thing, Chessvibes give you a week to solve theirs.

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