Monday, October 02, 2006

Dominic Lawson index

Ten years ago this week That Miles/Short obituary (published by Lawson) and a letter in comments
Global consequences Lawson one of a number of Spectator editors to preside over Ray's recycling
Nothing to see here Ray runs a game of Lawson's in his Spectator column
The flipside of Dominic Lawson Lawson's hate-football piece in the Mail. Is this the kind of ECF President we want?
The flipside of Dominic Lawson II More Lawson gems: "inscrutable Asiatic countenance" the pick of the bunch
The flipside of Dominic Lawson III Why would Lawson, who didn't care about Ray ripping off the BCF, be a good president now?
The flipside of Dominic Lawson IV How Lawson was connected to Ray's industrial-scale recycling habit, early on
The flipside of Dominic Lawson V Lawson's had thirty years to see what Ray is - and hasn't. So don't make him President.
Dress rehearsal Would a serious organisation claim to "address sexism" and then just ignore Lawson's comments?
Border country Why would Lawson think that Latvia or Russia weren't in Europe?
How Dominic Lawson helps the English Chess Federation address sexism So, asks Lawson, how does your wife want to spend your money?
Nice work if you can get it
Lawson goes nutpicking among the comments boxes (and gets abusive)
Nice work if you can get it II Lawson and Nigel Short: a history of seeing one another all right
Nice work if you can get it III Lawson doing what he does best, which is patronising women
Well aware of this game How much did Lawson know about Ray's recycling of notes, or his other misdeeds?
"There is no sexism in chess" Did Lawson really say that?
Not making waves Lawson's boring New in Chess piece about his boring radio programme
No such thing as sexism in chess I ask Lawson to clarify his "no sexism" comments, he does not reply

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