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The Interesting Sacrificed Exchange Index

Shirov - Bareev, Lvov 1990: allowing ... Bxa1. Saccing the exchange to get rid of a fianchettoed bishop.

Kasparov-Anand, Tilburg 1991Rxf6. An exchange sac to open up the king.

Movsesian-Kasparov, Sarajevo 2000... Rxc3. A standard idea in the Sicilian.

Browne-Timman, Wijk aan Zee 1980... Rxb2. A standard KID idea, an exchange sac to power-up a fianchettoed bishop.

Houska-Rendell, Sheffield 2011...Bxa1. The exchange sac that didn't happen.

Kosten - Gordon, Torquay 2013Rxf6. Kaboom followed by oops.

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2014: The Year of The ISE

1. Sixty Memorable Annotations #25
- Another New Year, another New Year's Resolution

2. A Blogger Goes Chessing in Hampstead: Close but No ISE
- My opponent could have sacced an exchange but didn't; Anand's opponent did

3. Back in the Day: ISE Confusion
- RDK, Hartston and Basman get ISE-tastic 

4. A Theoretical ISE
- ... Rxf3 in the French Tarrasch

5. Sixty Memorable Annotations #26
- Electronic naughtiness

6. Jack’s Sacs (mostly Black attacks)
-  a plethora of saccery from IM Jack Rudd

7. Standard ISEs
-  in this case, R takes N on h5 when Black has fianchettoed the king’s bishop.

8. When Bishops are too Strong
-  Spess gives up his rook for minor piece to avoid getting mated in a rapid game against Kasparov

9. Back in the USSR
-  The Other K give us rook for bishop to give mate, but why did Malaniuk allow it?

10. Azmai Could Play
-  Trying to give up an exchange to power-up a fianchettoed bishop 

11. Collector’s Item
-  Kramnik plays rook takes minor piece on bishop three ... but it’s a bishop not a knight and on the queenside not on f6.

12. An ISE by any other name
-  What counts as an ISE?

13. Vlad Takes on f6
-  An ISE or a transition into an endgame?

- Are exchange sacrifices for the likes of me?

15. Psychological Caution
- A quote from Petrosian that either helps or hinders ... I’m not sure which.

- Use intuition to justify the sacrifice of an exchange or is concrete analysis a must?

17. On Plans and Advice for Beginners
- sometimes when you’re attacking you have to stop what you’re doing and switch targets

18. Sixty Memorable Annotations #27
- ISEs might not be necessary, even when they’re good.

19. Rook for Bishop
- An unusual fianchettoed bishop ISE

20. ISEs: From the Books
- Panov - Simgin, Moscow 1943 from Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy

21. Ves and Vlad
- Kramnik tries an ISE against an old enemy ... and it doesn’t work.

22. ISEs: From the Books II
- Seirawan - Kozul, Wijk aan Zee 1991 from Secrets of Modern Chess Strategy

23. ISEs: From the Books III
- Karpov - Andersson, Milan 1975 from Grandmaster Chess Strategy

24. ISEs: From the Books IV
- Spassky - Petrosian, World Championship (11), 1969 from Learn From the Legends

25. Ray Saves the Day
- The Times’ Chess Correspondent writes a few articles on ISEs

26. They’re Already Off
- A British Championship ISE: the defensive exchange sacrifice form Wade - Keene, Blackpool 1971

27. Aberystwyth ISEs
- A pair of exchange sacrifices from the 2014 British Championship

28. Ray Could Play XI
- RDK and a 'might have been' ISE from Camaguey 1974

29. Try Try Again
- Kramnik has another bash at ISEing Topalov. This time it works

30. The Best of Times
- The computer suggests an ISE as an improvement for Black in Adams - Grandelius, Tromso Olympiad 2014

31. The Worst of Times
- When you try to play a theoretical ISE in the Pirc but your opponent doesn’t allow it.

32. Ray Could Play XII: Olympic ISEs
- RDK at Nice, 1974.

33. Ray Could Play XIII: Quiero Bailar La Salsa
- Back to Camaguey (1974). Ray’s still doing the ISE shuffle.

34. Ray Could Play XIV: Pretty Good Year
- 1974 was a pretty good year for Ray’s ISEs (even if this post contains a rather egregious error)

35. Ray Could Play XV
- RDK, still a student, gets busy.

36. Interesting and Difficult ISEs: The Baku Grand Prix vs The London League
- A Super GM ISE and an amateur ISE.

37. From a Shoebox Under the Bed: Australia
- The computer suggests an improvement to the finish of a game played twenty years ago on the other side of the world.

38. Day of Days
- Kasparov - Karpov, World Championship Match 1990 Game 4.

39. A Pair of ISEs or An Exchange of Exchanges
- Kasparov - Karpov, World Championship Match 1990 Game 13.

40. Twofer
- Kasparov - Karpov, World Championship Match 1990 Game 14.

41. A Match of ISEs and a Piece of History
- Kasparov - Karpov, World Championship Match 1990 Game 21.

42. Sochi ISEs: Game 6
- In a desperate situation Anand could have but didn’t.

43. Stamp Collecting
- It wasn’t a desperate situation. Anand din’t have to but did.

44. A Career Bookended by ISEs
- Anand lost his last game in a World Championship match because of an ISE ... but won his first for the same reason.

45. Sixty Memorable Annotations #28
- Comparing Anand’s disastrous ISE from Sochi with Alekhine’s at Triberg in 1921

46. Ray Could Commentate: He’s Done it Again!
- Hidden in a post about chess commentary, Nigel Short gives up an exchange to get the light squares in an old rapid game against Gazza

47. Endgame ISEs
- Topalov secures a world championship tournament win

48. Sixty Memorable Annotations #29
- Didn’t quite make the 52 posts this year, but the series ends as it began: with a "normal" exchange sacrifice.

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