Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Your Name Here

Those interested in writing for the blog should email us.

This used to be the text for those wishing to write on the blog, before March 17th 2009, and it still contains some useful information.

If you are a member of Streatham & Brixton Chess Club, and would like to post articles on our blog - great.

Just email me, and I'll invite you to post. All the stuff you need to know will take around 20 minutes to learn, maybe a bit more.

There are a few other things anyone would need to know though, so I'll list those points here.

- For the diagrams, I use a programme called 'DiagTransfer'. You can download it via the sidebar, under 'Chess Downloads'. When posting diagrams, post them 'large' size - ironically, this makes the file-size smallest.

- For playable games, you can also try this: . However, it is unreliable, so be careful we have moved to using this: (version 2).

- The blog's primary focus is Streatham & Brixton Chess Club.

- The blog's primary readers are Streatham & Brixton Chess Club.

- But, it's not as if there is chess club news every day - plus, it's nice to be generally interesting too. And we have many readers from outside the chess club.

- We aim to have a post on this blog once a day, and once only. We should not have any more than occassionally two per day or exceptionally three per day in total, between us all, ever. If we did more than that, it will be too much for people to read and keep up with, and people will lose track of what's happening.

- Avoid anything offensive or potentially offensive. If you're unsure where the boundaries lie, email a few of us others from the club for an opinion.

- But as Justin puts it: "this does not mean that opinions cannot be expressed, but this is neither a forum for pursuing grudges nor for the expression of political opinion. Please [in particular] do not embroil the club in rows about the conduct of opposing teams - problems in this area can be pursued through other channels."

- Avoid anything that will be useful to future opponents if they try to use the blog to research our players (eg opening weaknesses of certain players.) Unless, that is, the player concerned is happy for whatever statements to be made. (I don't mind posting my games, for instance, since I make it up on the night each time anyhow - but some more consistent players might.)

- Use the October archives as a 'sandbox', for this reason.

- I am the editor and have overall control!

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