Monday, October 02, 2006

Nigel Short index

The worst move on the board Nigel blunders into a mate in one
Nosher's nashers Nigel commendably refuses to blame his teeth
JB's favourite moves II  Nigel's famous win against Gurevich
Staying power Nigel's win destroyed Gurevich as a player. Or maybe it didn't.
Oh Hou we laughed Nigel loses to thirteen-year-old
Three aphorisms and an explanation Nigel loses to Timman
England's Number One Nigel plays Michael Adams
Tick, tick, tick ... IX Nigel's phone battery runs low and costs him the game
It was Adams, and it was Short Nigel has short draw with Adams, we have suspicious minds
Once bitten, twice wise Nigel unwisely repeating his successful opening against Kasparov
If you want to get ahead, don't get a hat Nigel decides eleven-year-old may be cheating, insists he removes hat
Is this pig? Nigel's juvenile sexual attitudes
Swiss Toni writes for New In Chess Nigel's juvenile sexual attitudes, again
Nosher on the rampage Nigel turns over some Dutchmen
Some tourists go too far Nigel thinks the sexual exploitation of women is hilarious
When we were Kings XVII Nigel's Life In The Day from 1977
De Mooi The Merrier Nigel goes on tour with CJ de Mooi
Sauce for the Nosher Nigel complains that arbiters can't lose their titles - though neither can grandmasters
Short retort Nigel talks cobblers about Isle of Man tournament, New in Chess decline to print email saying so
I don't call you f**k Face Nigel objects to his nickname "Nosher"
Untitled simul post Nigel 's simul tour a great success
Ten years ago this week Nigel's notorious "sleeping with his girlfriend" obituary of Tony Miles
Short Stories Nigel's share of the responsibility for the Sheffield fiasco
Keeping things vague Nigel using the ECF as a stooge - or is he Kasparov's stooge?
Something's gone wrong again Nigel's court case loses and Nigel should resign
Doctor No Nigel's "Doctor" title and why it's not correct to use it
Chunks of memory Nigel beating Timman - Ceefax memories
Short of knowledge Nigel is forgotten by the youth of today
Let's talk about Nigel Nigel still thinks sex tourism is hilarious
Popular front Nigel still boasting about bringing the CAS case he hid from the ECF
Daggers drawn Was Nigel linked to the ECF coup?
Nosh-up Odd of Nigel to complain about financial irregularities in FIDE while breakfasting with Ray Keene
Welcome back my friends... Nigel drops a half-point in a simple rook ending you'd have thought he knew
Balance Nigel's notorious Miles obituary makes it to Norwegian television
Settling old accounts John Roycroft's curious letter wondering when the 1993 match accounts will be made public
Cynicism and gullibility Nigel's odd silence about financial malpractice where his friends are concerned
Short run Should Nigel have been picked for the Olympiad?
How cynical can you be? A sceptical view of Sinquefield's ten million dollars, in which Nigel claims to believe
Kilts and haggis In which Nigel proves how ignorant he can be about the Scots
Pro choice Nigel, not apparently old enough to know better, renders "pro" as "prostitute"
Nice work if you can get it II Nigel and Dominic Lawson: a history of seeing one another all right
Baby you can't drive my car Nigel on gender: women are hard-wired differently which explains poor driving skills
Nigel Short's World of Science Nigel's women-are-inferior "science" isn't all that scientific or all that scientifically presented
Nigel: the experts speak But among these the Spectator, one Tony Buzan.
What wasn't in New In Chess 2015/5 What actual scientists said about Nigel's women-aren't-suited-to-chess rant
Grossly immature Nigel calls other people "grossly immature" and Stephen Moss fails to spot the irony
Magic words Nigel sees a gulf between top players and club players - I wonder why that might be?
Speaking as an outsider Nigel is feeling all sorry for himself about the reaction to his sexist "hard-wired" claims
Not especially of big concern for us 1998: Nigel goes to Elista and human rights abuses are not especially of big concern.
Fatwasn't Nigel goes on the radio to say chess has been banned in Saudi Arabia - it hasn't

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