Sunday, May 27, 2007

Mind Games

I went to see Derren Brown in Salisbury earlier this week. It was a fantastic show I'd heartily recommend to everybody were it not for the fact that the rest of the tour is already entirely sold out.

I'm hoping for London dates over Christmas or perhaps next year. In the meantime, we can make do with old clips taken from his TV shows. You can, for example, watch him play chess against several grandmasters at once right here.

Have a good bank holiday everybody.


Anonymous said...

That thing last week on TV when he faked someone's death by making a death mask and dressing the actor up identically and getting the actors to ignore the real person, when she came round from the trance was pretty spooky.

transformation said...

greetings from Seattle Washington again, USA. glad that you are still at it.

and, as always, a most memorable or unforgetable name for a blog!

warmly, dk

Chris Morgan said...

I remember Chris Ward recounting his game 'against Derren Brown' when he visited our club to play his own simul. Brown said he had been studying the games of the people he was about to play, but Chris Ward said he had only just got the team together about the day before. When the players turned up they said it wouldn't be much worth it if they were just going to play mirror chess, but the organisers said it wasn't going to be... but of course, it was.